Hello world!

Hello everyone.

I have tried to blog in the past and gotten distracted by things like finding a job, adjusting to life in the real world, and coming to partially polite terms with adulthood. However, after taking a few months off from writing a blog and reading blogs, I have become inspired and am picking up my digital quill pen again. I cannot promise to post at regular intervals or be freakishly insightful and charmingly candid all the time. But I do promise to write about my cooking adventures, my attempts to grow plants in Manhattan, and any amusing anecdotes regarding my efforts to be attractive, witty, and somehow not completely embarrassing while drunk or (/and) on dates. Also expect posts about fashion, art, design, books, and music I stumble upon in my wanderings through New York and the internet. In other words, this blog is going to be about Things I Like and all the stupid things I do while I try to do Things I Like.

Coming tomorrow: Patience with Plants and An Experiment in Exercise


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  1. Danielle

    So glad you’re back!

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