Pliny the Elder liked it

The Times Home section had a lovely article about growing horseradishes today. If I had a backyard instead of two and a half plants on my window sill (still nothing from the avocado pit in the solo cup, although the solo cup has since been replaced with a glass jar), I would definitely be trying this right now, even though horseradish roots apparently take a year to grow and, well, I have no patience. Horseradish is right up there on my list of favorite flavors, right next to butter and salt and chocolate.

One of my favorite childhood meals was boiled beef with horseradish sauce. I treated the boiled beef as a conveyor of horseradish sauce; you could have served cardboard with that sauce and I would have wolfed it down. Image from Saveur (I could not find a delectable image of this recipe…).

I also adore horseradish mashed potatoes. Regular mashed potatoes are pretty great in my opinion, but the horseradish really makes them irresistible. Seen here from Bon Appetit.

The Times writer claims that the horseradish she grew herself was the best she’s ever tasted. It almost makes me wish I didn’t live in Manhattan and could plant things in the ground. The article is pretty interesting and goes over some historical aspects of the horseradish. At various times, it’s been thought that it is worth its weight in gold, that it acts as an aphrodisiac, and most recently that it could have some anti-cancer benefits.

{Story from The New York Times}


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