Exercises For Gentlemen

T Magazine’s blog brought my attention to one of the most fantastic books I’ve seen recently. Exercises for Gentlemen illustrates exercises that the busy gentleman can do in his suit, in case he lacks either the time or the desire for more intense exercises that might lead to perspiration or other similarly unwanted side effects. Originally published in 1908, this book claims that “a daily regime of a mere fifteen minutes of be-suited exercise is guaranteed to ‘reduce undue fullness at the waist, square the shoulders, round out the arms, improve leg development, and, in short, make a more graceful, strong, and symmetrical man.'” Needless to say, I feel that I must own this book and that all the gentlemen I know ought to own it as well. Symmetrical men are, as everyone knows, extremely attractive and highly desirable.

{Read the T Magazine post, contact the publisher Rizzoli, or purchase it on Amazon}


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