Random Links

1. I really, really hate dealing with dirty champagne flutes, so these wine glass sponges seem like they would come in very handy. {from NotCot, available at The Spoon Sisters}

2. I love traveling and I love various travel accessories, including chic travel wallets. I picture myself waltzing through airports or, even better, train stations with an elegant leather duffel slug casually over my arm, sunglasses on, trench coat collar popped, and all my travel documents and currencies neatly organized. I especially love this travel wallet because it has room for two spare sim cards, suggesting a particularly international and cosmopolitan lifestyle. {from NotCot, available from Gus}

3. Interesting piece from The New York Times on the reinvention of airplane food. {from NYT}

4. I saw The Redhead mentioned on Nora Leah’s blog and it reminded me how much I want to go there. I’m always on the hunt for delicious southern comfort food in New York. {from Thought for Food}

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