Sweet Validation!

I hate cilantro. Anyone who knows me knows this. I am otherwise a very openminded eater. I will try anything once and there are few things that I avoid on menus. However, cilantro I cannot tolerate. If it accidentally shows up in my food I’ll spend hours picking it out. I know the instant I walk into my kitchen if my roommate has brought home cilantro. I don’t know where this hatred came from or what has prevented me from overcoming it, but I really, really cannot tolerate the stuff at all.

The good news for me is that the New York Times published a story today tracing the origins of “cilantrophobia.” It offers historical, chemical, and neurological reasons why there is a minority of people who simply cannot get over their aversion to the herb. The article also cites Julia Child as a cilantro-hater. It also reminds me of the 2007 Time Out New York Chef Survey in which several of the top New York chefs admitted that they hate cilantro as well. I love collecting validation for my cilantrophobia. The article is pretty interesting if you have a burning interest in cilantro like I do, so check it out!

{image and article from NYT}


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