Hazelnut Chocolate Cookies!

Okay remember weeks and weeks ago when I found that recipe for hazelnut thumbprint cookies on Smitten Kitchen and was like “I’m making these THIS WEEKEND” and then I never actually made anything? Well I finally made them tonight and here they are! I followed the Smitten Kitchen recipe exactly and my cookies turned out PERFECTLY. I’m so obsessed with them. They somehow ended up looking perfect and they taste fantastic; I had to stop myself from eating all of them at once. More pictures after the jump!

Cooling in my kitchen. Milk chocolate on the left, dark chocolate on the right.

A milk chocolate specimen. I used Droste pastilles (in milk chocolate and extra dark 75% chocolate) for these, but any chocolate rounds would work. The next time I make them I want to try Hershey’s Kisses. Maybe the caramel kind as well!

The best part? They taste amazing!


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  1. Danielle

    My browser is being heinous–I’m sure they look lovely though!

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