Geek Watches

One of my favorite possessions is my Timex digital watch, pictured below. It’s a pretty geeky watch, but I don’t care; I love it. So I was really impressed when I came across the Casio Databank, pictured above. This baby has a calendar, calculator, currency converter, stop watch, and alarm clock. It comes in a classic black version, but I happen to think the black version is pretty ugly. I have a big crush on this ivory one though. Talk about geek-chic. Or maybe just geek, because I’ve been told that my Timex is actually not that cool.

{Timex available from Amazon, Casio available from Urban Outfitters, seen on Uncrate}


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  1. Timex Iron Man Heart Rate Monitor
    I have just started running and wanted to monitor my heart rate. I have been using this monitor for a month, every Mon-Wed-Fri, and it works very well and I have not had any problems.

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