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Saturday Wishlist

Sorry I’ve been sort of absent this week. Here’s the short version of my wishlist from the past few days.

1. Sony Alpha NEX5 Camera It’s the smallest camera with interchangeable lenses. It has all sorts of fancy features like a “14.2 megapixel APS-C sensor, a new E-mount lens system, 1080p video recording, ISO 12,800 sensitivity, 25-point autofocus, and a tiltable 3-inch LCD screen.” Plus it has some of the most convenient features of Sony’s point-and-shoots such as hand-help twilight mode. {from Uncrate}

2. Philips EnduraLCD Lightbulbs It last 25 times longer and uses 80% less energy than the standard 60 watt incandescent lightbulb. {from NotCot, press release from Philips}

3. Want Les Essentiels De La Vie Black Shopper Bag I’m a big fan of simple bags. Jack Spade and Lonchamp are my standard go-to brands when I’m searching for a new bag. So I love this black shopper. It’s simple and sleek. Perfect. {from Selectism}

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Things I Need: A huge stuffed shark

I love this. I’m lying in bed recovering from a night with Johnny Walker and this popped up in my Google Reader. I think it’s a sign that I need to own one. The website describes it as follows:

It’s a sleeping bag! It’s a stuffed toy! IT’S A SHARK! In an effort to make sharks (a very misunderstood animal that also happens to be one of my favorites) more cuddly, I designed and produced a prototype for the ChumBuddy. This 7 foot monster plush was 100% hand sewn (sewing machines hate me) from fleece and felt & contains about 30 lbs of poly-fill.

{available from Patch Together, via Geekologie}

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Serif Tote Bag

I absolutely need this tote bag.

{from Little Factory}

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Two Bicerin, Per Favore

I am going to be traipsing around southern France and northern Italy for the first two weeks of June, so I was happy to see this post in the T Magazine blog today about Turin’s special version of a cappuccino: the bicerin. The Times says:

“The drink comes in a stemmed glass and is a precise layering of fine espresso, melted chocolate and rich steamed milk. Its sweeter, more youthful counterpart, the house’s caffè Baratti e Milano, is espresso prepared with whipped cream, chopped hazelnuts and gianduja, an indigenous chemistry of chocolate and hazelnuts that could outshine poor old Nutella on any sunny Turinese afternoon.”

Sounds pretty great, right? I’ve already made a note to stop by Baratti & Milano when I’m in Turin and I will be sure to order one of these! Let me know if you have other suggestions for what I should do around Vence, France, Monaco, Lago di Como, or Milan!

{from T Magazine}


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As evidenced in earlier posts, I like both office supplies and plants. Field Notes apparently read my mind and put together this cute package of three cheerful Field Notes notebooks and a packet of marigold seeds. Perfect for spring!

{available from Field Notes, via Selectism}

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Avocado: The Love of My Life

The title is misleading because I have many loves of my life: sparkling wine, cupcakes, Princeton University, New York, London, cheeseburgers, books, asparagus, I’m really not selective. But I promise that I really do love avocado a lot. I’ll eat it right out of the skin. In fact I am willing to admit that on several occasions I have not even sliced it, but just dunked it in olive oil or sour cream and stuffed it in my face. Trust me; it’s delicious that way.

So when I found this presentation of a crab and avocado salad, I was very impressed. I want it for lunch. Luxirare has amazing instructions with photo-illustrations that will make you drool all over your computer. I would be very tempted to try doing this myself, except that I’m not sure I could craft this and I am quite sure  that I would end up eating all the avocado and crab meat before reaching the end of the instructions.

{from Luxirare}

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These have been floating around Ffffound a lot recently and I think they are hilarious. Recovering Lazyholic designed these cards for everyday messages. Check out the website for more (and they are all worth checking out), but these are some of my favorites.

{from Recovering Lazyholic}

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