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A B Sea Posters now for sale!

Remember that fantastic A B Sea poster I blogged about a few months ago? Well thanks to popular demand, James Mattison has now created the poster for his store and you can get it here!

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Spots Vs. Stripes

This is a great little video from Cadbury in which two groups of sea creatures (Spots vs. Stripes) compete to pop more bubbles. It’s unclear to me how it relates in any way to Cadbury, but I love ocean life and I love this video.

PS Obviously I am going for team Spots because they have the octopus.

{via NotCot}

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Happy Weekend!

Hello everyone! Hope you all have fantastic weekends. My lovely friend Rachael is visiting for the weekend; I’m so excited!

{Image from Xanthe Berkeley’s Photostream}

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Oil and Water

This has been all over the internet this week, but what do we think about Italian Vogue’s 24-page piece featuring model Kristen McMenamy covered in grease on a beach? The New York Magazine post on the editorial pretty much sums up my opinions of it. Yes, it is shocking, but I think it’s unclear whether it is trying to make a point about the Gulf oil spill or whether it is trying to generate publicity through sensationalism. And while the images are beautiful, I don’t pay attention to any of the clothes. I still haven’t decided whether or not I actually like it though. Thoughts?

{More images after the jump. Via NotCot}

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Pretty Pictures: Valeria Heine

I love Valeria Heine’s dreamy, shadowy photography. The 23-year-old photographer lives in South Florida and often uses the shadows, patterns, and small visual details of her everyday life to inspire her work. More images after the jump.

{Valeria Heine, via Ffffound}

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Moustachioed Mugs

As if the typographic and necklace moustaches weren’t enough, here are ‘staches for your morning cup of coffee.

{from Design Boom, via Ffffound}

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What To Cook And How To Cook It

What To Cook And How To Cook It is now available for pre-order from Phaidon. I don’t know much about it other than that it is by the lovely London-based Jane Hornby. It’s her first cookbook and has a fantastic cover, so I’m excited to see it!

{from Phaidon, via NotCot}

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