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Tuesday Tunes, Part 2

I’m obsessed with Jamaica. I have been listening to their album non-stop on repeat. I kid you not. It’s the sort of addicting electro-pop that makes me dance around in my chair, even when I’m listening to it on my iPod in public. I can barely pick a favorite track because I love them all so much. That being said, “Jericho” is probably my favorite, so check it out below.


{Jamaica on MySpace and Twitter}

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Tuesday Tunes, Part 1

My Sick Uncle made this fantastic album based on Lil Wayne and the (500) Days of Summer soundtrack. It looks like a mashup album, but My Sick Uncle says, “This is not a mashup album, this is an album about Wayne” which is way more accurate. It’s more like Lil Wayne songs set to a background of (500) Days of Summer. My favorite tracks are “Here Comes Your Milli” and “Lollipop Dreams“. The album is free, so go download it!

{(500) Days of Weezy}

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Stop-Motion #1

I found this video via ChowHound this morning. I don’t know much about it except that it made me smile.

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You Need Pony Pony Run Run

Pony Pony Run Run‘s album from 2009 is one of my current music obsessions. “Walking On A Line” is one of my favorite tracks from the album and the music video is amazing. Enjoy and check out the album!

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Is this the real life?

This is ancient in internet-years, but I love it and watch it over and over again. I want the Muppets to make an entire Queens Greatest Hits cover album.

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Hey Mr. DJ

I’m in love with this DJ-inspired jewelry from Darkcloud. I want all of it, but I think the turntable ring is my favorite. Check out Darkcloud on Oye Modern for more.

{from Darkcloud, via Ffffound}

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Links I Love

Whenever I go away for a weekend it always takes me at least a full week to catch up on my Google Reader. Here are a bunch of links I’ve been saving to share.

1. Sea Creature Cupcakes!! Anyone who knows me knows that I love cupcakes and that I love anything that swims, scuttles, or lurks in the ocean. I like the shark and the starfish the best! {from Cupcakes Take The Cake}

2. Fantastic sweatshirts by Teenagers In Love {from Vic’s blog}

3. This felt sheet folds up into a cute little tote bucket. I want to load it with food and take it for a picnic! {from NotCot}

4. New Ratatat album art and release date! {from Pretty Much Amazing}

5. Animal-shaped papers clips by Midori. Just the sort of pointless office supply I can’t resist. {from NotCot}

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