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Oil and Water

This has been all over the internet this week, but what do we think about Italian Vogue’s 24-page piece featuring model Kristen McMenamy covered in grease on a beach? The New York Magazine post on the editorial pretty much sums up my opinions of it. Yes, it is shocking, but I think it’s unclear whether it is trying to make a point about the Gulf oil spill or whether it is trying to generate publicity through sensationalism. And while the images are beautiful, I don’t pay attention to any of the clothes. I still haven’t decided whether or not I actually like it though. Thoughts?

{More images after the jump. Via NotCot}

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Moustachioed Mugs

As if the typographic and necklace moustaches weren’t enough, here are ‘staches for your morning cup of coffee.

{from Design Boom, via Ffffound}

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I wear my heart on my sleeve and my moustache on a chain

Part of my lovely new job involves reading a bunch of food-related blogs every day. Today I stumbled across Demitasse Jewelry on Food & Wine’s blog. Not only do they have an amazing collection of clever food-related pieces (hello adorable Absinthe spoon!), but they also have these brilliant moustache necklaces. I can’t decide if I want to be Nietzsche or Freddy!

{Demitasse Jewelry, via Food & Wine}

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& and &

Design Milk brought my attention to the Whitemetal Etsy shop. I’m in love with pretty much every piece of jewelry they make, like the ampersand studs pictured above.

I almost always have my Wayfarers hung from my neck by their Croakies. If I had this necklace I could actually wear them all the time!

I love how clean and simple this ring is, while still being just a little bit edgy.

{images and jewelry from Whitemetal Jewelry}

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In the spirit of posting more, here are some fun links that I’ve pulled out of my Google Reader starred folder!

1. I found photographer Denise Grüsteins on See Hear Say. All her work is dreamy and gorgeous, but I particularly love this one. I’m obsessed with this girl’s makeup; I think it is perfect. {from Denise Grüsteins}

2. These animal clutches are so adorable!! I like the penguin and the hedgehog, pictured above, but go check out the TsuruBride’s Etsy shop. There are so many cute animals I can barely choose! {from TsuruBride, found via Two Brunettes}

3. I have a hoarding tendency, I can’t lie. So I found this post from David Lebovitz extremely entertaining. He hoards glass jars (who doesn’t??) and even has separate stocks of jars for stinky and non-stinky foods. I also use glass jars to hold my makeup brushes and flowers and random other odds and ends. But the best part of the post is the jar tops he found at a shop in Paris, pictured above. Suddenly that stockpile of old jars can be put to fresh uses! {image and post from David Lebovitz}

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Serif Tote Bag

I absolutely need this tote bag.

{from Little Factory}

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Friday Links

Three fun ones to make it through Friday afternoon:

1. Bread-shaped cork coasters. {from Design Milk, via NotCot}

2. Elvis songs as online services. {from Stéphane Massa-Bidal, via NotCot}

3. R6 Conch and Dieter wallets. {from R6, via Selectism}

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