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The Bodega List

Here’s an interesting and potentially useful project from Jeff Sisson of I Like Nice Things. It’s called The Bodega List and its goal is to make a homepage for every bodega in New York. The list’s website also has a cool map identifying the locations of all the different bodegas. I found this on Edible Geography and I think they overstate the anthropological importance of the bodega:

“Many New York City bodegas form a hub in their communities, adding services and stocking goods to respond to micro-local needs and preferences, while functioning as an informal, inter-generational meeting space—which means that the New York experienced through The Bodega List is a kind of curated view of the everyday, from across the very different lives of the city’s 8.3 million residents.”

I don’t generally think of bodegas as “community hubs” or “inter-generational meeting spaces,” but I do think the project is worthwhile and anthropologically interesting. Maps charting sales of different products or brands would be interesting from multiple perspectives. And, for example, I do think it would be useful if you could look up which bodegas actually take credit card, which ones carry what varieties of beer, or which ones will be open when you are drunk at 4:00 am and absolutely need to consume three Snickers bars and a blue Gatorade. I hope that they add all that information soon. In the meantime, check out their cool map:


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