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But not much more

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I was looking through my Tumblr, which I haven’t done in ages, and I found this lovely print. So true, Morrissey, so true.

{From The Black Apple on Etsy, via Quote-Book Tumblr}


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Marc Jacobs to open Book Marc

I know this has been all over the blogosphere today, but Marc Jacobs is going to open a bookstore in the West Village called Book Marc. The shop’s going to be at 400 Bleecker, the Biography Book Shop’s old home and right across the street from Magnolia Bakery. Some people are all in a tizzy because it’s supposedly going to taint the genuine, old-school literary nature of the neighborhood and expand Marc’s West Village shopping empire. I’m actually pretty excited to see what sort of bookstore Marc will throw together. And let’s be serious, there absolutely needs to be some kind of bookstore across the street from Magnolia Bakery. Books and cupcakes are two of my favorite things in the world!

{from Racked}

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McNally Jackson, Addiction, Narcissism

Today I went to check out the new McNally Jackson cafe in person with my fabulous friend Alice. The cafe was super cute, the coffee was amazing, and I got two books. I should admit at this point that I have a serious, serious book problem. Books are like crack to me. No matter how many I have or how many books I am currently reading, I always needs more. One of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2010 was to stop buying books until I had read all the books I have. I lasted about two months and then started buying more books. I ran out of shelf space a long time ago. There are always books in my bed, stacked on my bedside table, piled on my desk, on the floor of my living room, etc. It’s a serious problem.

In any case, I felt obligated to get one of these books today because it appears to tap into a recurring theme in my life. Him Her Him Again The End of Him by Patricia Marx is supposedly about this girl who is obsessed with this guy and according to the back cover “By ‘obsessed,’ we mean, well … sex and lusting and longing and hoping and waiting for this cad who is spread too thin.” I’ve only read the first 35 pages and already Marx’s prose is getting a little grating, but I love this quotation:

“You know what I think it really was? He was a narcissist. I love narcissists – even more than they love themselves. You don’t have to buoy them up. They are their own razzle-dazzle show and you are the blessed, favored with a front-row seat.” (31)

How do you not love that? I mean the quote, not the narcissist. Actually scratch that, I mean the narcissist too.

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New McNally Jackson Cafe

I think I want to live in this cafe now. Not only is it cute, but I like the concepts behind the re-design:

“A scattering of books hangs precipitously from the ceiling, as if a pile of books had been thrown into the sky and frozen. The curved wall surrounding the seating area is covered in wallpaper made entirely of open spine books, the texture of the print adds a rippling effect of restless pages. Running along the wall is a series of folding single tables, carefully crafted to resemble a folded book when closed. The new menu is made of food related quotes lit by 4 light fixtures, each dedicated to the many editions of a singular book.”

From Dave at The Contemporist.

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