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Wednesday Food Links

1. If Keith McNally is Eeyore, then which restaurateur is Winnie-the-Pooh? Build the entire A.A. Milne cast out of restaurant industry personalities on Diner’s Journal. {from The New York Times}

2. Slate is having a conducting an experiment to test whether traditional food magazines or new crowd-sourced food websites provide better recipes. Cook’s Illustrated will represent the magazine side while food52 will represent the crowd-sourced side. Slate invites its readers to test a pork shoulder recipe and a sugar cookie recipe from each resource. It seems kind of funny to me that Slate is crowd-sourcing this experiment themselves and I wonder if there will be control variables to account for this. I’m guessing there won’t be. {from Slate}

3. Edward Schneider posted in Diner’s Journal about these sardines he and his wife found in Paris that were packaged in butter instead of oil. I love anything drenched in butter, so of course I want to try them but sadly Edward says they are difficult to find here (for example, they aren’t on amazon.com). A lot of readers responded that they heat up oil-packed sardines the same way he prepared the butter-packed sardines, but of course I want the butter version. I could just heat up some American sardines with a stick of butter and see what happens, but I want the sardine-infused butter situation Edward describes in his column. {from The New York Times}

4. Recipe Look is an amazing food blog with hand-illustrated recipes. I want every one of those printed on a tea towel or canvas grocery tote. {image from RecipeLook, via NotCot}


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The Best Cake Ever

I found it. This is seriously the most scrumptious cake ever. I have very strong and amorous feelings about butter, so when I saw the title of this post I knew I had to try it. I was kind of apprehensive about making it because (A) it involves yeast and I don’t often cook with yeast and (2) it’s still supposed to be liquid in the middle when it’s done baking so how the hell do I know that it’s done baking. However, this turned out to be idiot-proof. The cake consists of two layers: a thick cake-like bottom layer (think coffee cake consistency) and then a heavenly top layer. It takes a while to make because the bottom yeasty layer takes 2.5-3 hours to “rise.” I didn’t measure mine, but I don’t think there was a whole lot of rising going on, but it didn’t seem to matter. The top layer is essentially butter, sugar, and corn syrup. When it comes out of the oven the top layer looks kind of like custard that still needs to set, except that there’s a beautiful and delicious golden-brown crust on it. I wanted to eat the entire thing last night. I swear, this is the best cake ever. Bake it immediately.

Image and recipe from Smitten Kitchen.

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