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Vintage Cocktails

I am going to apologize right now for the lack of entertaining posts today. I spent yesterday stress drinking my way through a basketball game and then did a lot of celebratory drinking and now it is rainy and grey and gross and I’m not sure how much of my brain is working. You can tell because I can’t even compose sentences properly.

That being said, I saw this book in McNally Jasckson yesterday and now I’m really regretting not bringing it home with me. It’s basically a picture book for alcoholics. There are giant, pretty pictures of cocktails on every right-hand page and giant, scrawled recipes on every left-hand page. The recipes really look like someone wrote them on a cocktail napkin with a crayon. The book is entirely charming and I want it so I can roll around in my dark cave of an apartment and avoid chores and look at pretty pictures of drinks.

Vintage Cocktails on Amazon


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