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Liquid Money

Two stories recently about super, super expensive alcohol. Obviously I would like a bottle of each.

{Remy Martin Louis XIII from T Magazine Blog}

First up, this $15,000 bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac. There are only thirty bottles of this and the black crystal decanter takes its design from 16th century flask found on a battlefield in Cognac in the 18th century. Regular Louis XIII is composed of over 1,200 brandies from forty to a hundred years old and goes for a mere $1,700 a bottle. This limited edition bottling comes from a single cask that Remy Martin’s master blender found and considered perfect enough to deserve the bottle and the price tag. Other than the obscure origins of the bottle’s design and the limited quantities of this cognac, I think the part I like best is that the master blender is a woman, Pierette Trichet, described by The Times as “amiable” and “elfin.” Love it. Tasting notes available on the Remy Martin website.

{Mortlach 70 on Uncrate}

Next up, we have this bottle of Mortlach 70 scotch whisky for £10,000, or about $15,200. This single-malt was distilled in 1938 in Speyside and has a “slightly sweet start, a long finish, and notes of dried fig and smoky tobacco throughout.” Plus is comes in a sexy bottle. Tasting notes available on Gordon & MacPhail’s website.


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