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Monday Things

I’m heading back to New York tomorrow, which means blogging activities will resume at their normal pace tomorrow afternoon. Here are just a few things in the meantime.

1. I saw The Young Victoria last night and it was amazing. Even though there’s no clear plot structure, the movie is gorgeous and very well acted. It also has some of my favorite British period actors (ex. Miranda Richardson as Duchess of Kent, Jim Broadbent as King William, Harriet Walter as Queen Adelaide, and Michael Maloney as Sir Robert Peel).

2. I love happy PostSecrets. This one was posted yesterday and might be my all-time favorite.

3. Selectism, as always, read my mind and posted this amazing striped jumper. I don’t care if it’s supposed to be for boys. This girl wants one.

When I get back I promise to blog about all the bread I baked this weekend and my photogenic cat and grilled cheese.


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Souffle Days

My lovely friend Heather has started a blog about baking in dorms. Our college has dorm kitchens, but they are kind of difficult for people like us to use. They are always a little dirty, the appliances are old and unreliable, and someone has always just microwaved something that produces dubious odors. However, sometimes the inner pastry chef must come out, and Heather is recording her dormitory culinary adventures now. So go read her blog!

{Souffle Days}

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Hazelnut Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

Smitten Kitchen is one of my favorite cooking blogs. They consistently post recipes I want to run home and try immediately. Today they posted this extremely alluring recipe for chocolate hazelnut cookies. I love every possible combination of chocolate and hazelnut, so these cookies are going to be a must-try for me, probably this weekend. I’ve copied the recipe after the jump, but definitely go check out Smitten Kitchen as well!

Hazelnut Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies from Smitten Kitchen

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