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Avocado: The Love of My Life

The title is misleading because I have many loves of my life: sparkling wine, cupcakes, Princeton University, New York, London, cheeseburgers, books, asparagus, I’m really not selective. But I promise that I really do love avocado a lot. I’ll eat it right out of the skin. In fact I am willing to admit that on several occasions I have not even sliced it, but just dunked it in olive oil or sour cream and stuffed it in my face. Trust me; it’s delicious that way.

So when I found this presentation of a crab and avocado salad, I was very impressed. I want it for lunch. Luxirare has amazing instructions with photo-illustrations that will make you drool all over your computer. I would be very tempted to try doing this myself, except that I’m not sure I could craft this and I am quite sureĀ  that I would end up eating all the avocado and crab meat before reaching the end of the instructions.

{from Luxirare}


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