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In the spirit of posting more, here are some fun links that I’ve pulled out of my Google Reader starred folder!

1. I found photographer Denise Grüsteins on See Hear Say. All her work is dreamy and gorgeous, but I particularly love this one. I’m obsessed with this girl’s makeup; I think it is perfect. {from Denise Grüsteins}

2. These animal clutches are so adorable!! I like the penguin and the hedgehog, pictured above, but go check out the TsuruBride’s Etsy shop. There are so many cute animals I can barely choose! {from TsuruBride, found via Two Brunettes}

3. I have a hoarding tendency, I can’t lie. So I found this post from David Lebovitz extremely entertaining. He hoards glass jars (who doesn’t??) and even has separate stocks of jars for stinky and non-stinky foods. I also use glass jars to hold my makeup brushes and flowers and random other odds and ends. But the best part of the post is the jar tops he found at a shop in Paris, pictured above. Suddenly that stockpile of old jars can be put to fresh uses! {image and post from David Lebovitz}


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Macaron Mania!

You should know by this point that I love macarons. I read about them, eat them, and occasionally try to make them. So I was very please to see TWO macaron mentions in the blogosphere yesterday!

1. Vic’s Blog featured this pretty pink macaron from Harrod’s (one of my favorite stores of all time). {image from Vic’s post}

2. The British Larder posted a “Macaron Frenzy” that I absolutely adored. I love the suggestion of edible glitter, as I love anything that sparkles. {image from The British Larder}

3. For the bonus round, here is a slightly older post from the amazing and legendary David Lebovitz about the macaron craze that has taken the food world by storm over the past year. {image from David Lebovitz’s post}


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