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Pretty things from some of my favorite blogs

1. These amazing city posters by Blanca Gómez on Black Eiffel.

2. These fun geometric post-it notes by Present & Correct that I somehow missed on Black Eiffel but caught on For Me, For You.

3. These chic driving gloves by Dunhill on Design Crush.


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Wednesday Food Links

1. Baked chocolate cheesecake with hazelnut ganache from Gourmet Worrier.

2. China farmer’s market baskets from Design Crush.

3. Food photography obsession in The New York Times.

4. The Whole Beast: Eating nose to tail by Fergus Henderson from Uncrate.

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More Tiny Gardens

Apparently the Spring weather has everyone thinking about gardens and gardening. Over the past two days I’ve found multiple blog posts about terrariums and the like.

{Green and Glass from Black Eiffel}

{Hanging terrariums from Design Crush}

{From Gardening in Heels via Frolic}

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Things I found on the internet today

Random links from today because I am lazy:

1. A perfect skirt. {from Frolic}

2. A totem of bowls disguised as a vase {from Design Crush}

3. If fonts were dogs {from Beautiful Decay}

4. Wet bugs (cooler than it sounds, I promise) {from The Daily Mail}

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