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Wednesday Food Links

1. If Keith McNally is Eeyore, then which restaurateur is Winnie-the-Pooh? Build the entire A.A. Milne cast out of restaurant industry personalities on Diner’s Journal. {from The New York Times}

2. Slate is having a conducting an experiment to test whether traditional food magazines or new crowd-sourced food websites provide better recipes. Cook’s Illustrated will represent the magazine side while food52 will represent the crowd-sourced side. Slate invites its readers to test a pork shoulder recipe and a sugar cookie recipe from each resource. It seems kind of funny to me that Slate is crowd-sourcing this experiment themselves and I wonder if there will be control variables to account for this. I’m guessing there won’t be. {from Slate}

3. Edward Schneider posted in Diner’s Journal about these sardines he and his wife found in Paris that were packaged in butter instead of oil. I love anything drenched in butter, so of course I want to try them but sadly Edward says they are difficult to find here (for example, they aren’t on amazon.com). A lot of readers responded that they heat up oil-packed sardines the same way he prepared the butter-packed sardines, but of course I want the butter version. I could just heat up some American sardines with a stick of butter and see what happens, but I want the sardine-infused butter situation Edward describes in his column. {from The New York Times}

4. Recipe Look is an amazing food blog with hand-illustrated recipes. I want every one of those printed on a tea towel or canvas grocery tote. {image from RecipeLook, via NotCot}


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