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The Martha Stewart Show

Yesterday I got to be in the studio audience of The Martha Stewart Show!! Courtney and I went together and it was AMAZING. Martha looks so cute in real life and her set is unbelievable. I wish I could live in her set. Joan Rivers was the guest yesterday and they made personalized tea towels and no-knife pasta together while Joan promoted her new TV show “How’d You Get So Rich?” Martha also showed us how to make drawstring pants, cook a quick steak meal, and put together a gardening gift basket for Mothers’ Day. Then Martha went backstage to change for another segment they were pre-recording. Emma Thompson (one of my favorite actresses) was her guest and they made adorable little fruit tarts and talked about Emma’s upcoming movie, “Nanny McPhee Returns.” I had a fantastic time!

Check out more pictures from around the set after the jump!

Martha and Emma chatting on set. Continue reading


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