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Flowers and Footwear

I was just flipping through the Times during lunch and had to stop when I saw this picture. Flowers and fluffy shoes. Love love love.

{New York Times Thursday Styles}


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Courtney, of Girl Loves Honey, and I are going to a Martha Stewart event tonight for her new book. I’m very excited about this and in the spirit of the event, I have been thinking about crafts a lot this morning. I have been holding on to this post from Design Crush for a while. I just think the flowers are so cute! The red paper in the white vase look very pretty for winter; they make me think that it’s snowing outside and there’s a stew simmering on the stove and I have a large mug of hot mulled cider. I want to try it with different pastel colors for spring that will make me think of blue skies, freshly mowed grass, bustling farmers’ markets, and outdoor Sunday brunches.

From Design Crush. Original post from Creature Comforts.

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Bornay Flowers

I can’t help it. I love flowers. They remind me of daffodils from my childhood backyard and Saturday markets in small towns  in Italy and extravagant displays at Harrod’s in London. Good thing I have  Bornay, a gorgeous flower blog, to tide me over until I am wealthy enough to have a constant stream of fresh flowers decorating my apartment.

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