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Advice for the Lovelorn

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday. I’m probably not going to be blogging much until I get back to New York on Wednesday, unless I come across something that absolutely has to be shared. Like this blog post from Marisa Silver. She was asked to come up with some advice for young/new writers and ended up feeling like she was writing a dating advice column. She offers ten pieces of advice for the lovelorn, and then explains how each one also applies to writing. My favorite is probably the last one: Don’t Panic. Ms. Silver explains this in writing terms:

“10. Your work will often look horrible and embarrassing.It will be unoriginal.  It will fill you with shame. You will lie down on your bed and think that no one has ever written more awful, ungainly sentences than you. Get up off the bed. Don’t panic. Like any kid – your work has to go through its awkward, pimply faced adolescence before it emerges as something another person might want to look at, hold in her hands, take into her heart.”

{image from National Geographic, quote from Marisa Silver on The Elegant Variation}


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