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Things I’m Loving: Canvas Tote Bags

For whatever reason, the warm weather is making me extremely lustful for canvas tote bags (ever notice how much I use the word “lust” on this blog? too much?). Normally I cart around my giant purple leather sack or my trusty black Jack Spade messenger to and from work, but recently I have ditched both in favor of my ancient orange-strapped L. L. Bean Boat & Tote. The warmth and sunshine make me feel more casual, like my belongings can be chic-carelessly thrown into a bag without worrying about snow or rain or freezing temperatures. I picture myself spontaneously stopping by outdoor markets and lazily collecting apples and cheeses and flowers in my spacious tote bag. In this weather, armed with my tote, I am ready for whatever Manhattan adventures lie before me.

So you can imagine the delight with which I beheld this amazing Penfield Squall tote bag on Selectism this morning (Selectism is so awful because I want about 75% of the things they post, even though it’s mostly for men). I love the navy canvas and the leather details. I want to wear it with a crisp white shirt, loose khaki shorts, and navy Toms shoes. Top it off with a panama hat and I’m ready to load that bag with as many books and as much wine, cheese, fruit, and bread as possible and head to Central Park. Or the beach. Or St Tropez. Or Monaco. See? The possibilities are really endless…

{from Selectism, available on Flatspot}

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Chair Lust

I just received three very nice limited edition catalogs from Restoration Hardware: Garden, Outdoor, and Home.

I am now completely obsessed with this chair. It’s named “Versailled Domed Burlap-Backed Chair.” According to the website, “In the grand chateaux of 18th-century France, the porter, stationed by the entrance to admit visitors, would have sat in a chair much like this.” I want to sit in it and read The Marquis de Sade and eat macarons.

I promise I will try not to make a post about every single item in these catalogs.

{from Restoration Hardware}

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Limited Edition Wayfarers!

I know. This is totally stupid. But as I have mentioned before, I have a Wayfarer obsession, so naturally I love these limited edition Wayfarers. Lust.

{from Selectism}

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Le Creuset Lust

I was electronically flipping through Real Simple’s kitchen organization tips when I cam across this picture and almost died.

First of all, who actually has that much Le Creuset??? Second of all, I want that much Le Creuset. Which of course immediately led to an internal monologue about what color I should start collecting. It went something like: “Red is so classic, but then everyone does red Le Creuset and do I really want to decorate my entire kitchen around red pots and pans? Because I’m not sure that I want red to feature prominently in my future kitchen’s color palette but then committing to another color seems like such a risk because I’ll have to live with it for the rest of my life and I don’t want to change colors in fifteen years and then have a random rainbow of Le Creuset products…” You get the idea.

In any case, I decided to consult the Le Creuset website and discovered that they have the cutest color profiles. After much debate I think I’m going to go with yellow. It’s cheerful and bright and it reminds me of my childhood bedroom walls.

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