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Macaron Mania!

You should know by this point that I love macarons. I read about them, eat them, and occasionally try to make them. So I was very please to see TWO macaron mentions in the blogosphere yesterday!

1. Vic’s Blog featured this pretty pink macaron from Harrod’s (one of my favorite stores of all time). {image from Vic’s post}

2. The British Larder posted a “Macaron Frenzy” that I absolutely adored. I love the suggestion of edible glitter, as I love anything that sparkles. {image from The British Larder}

3. For the bonus round, here is a slightly older post from the amazing and legendary David Lebovitz about the macaron craze that has taken the food world by storm over the past year. {image from David Lebovitz’s post}



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Chair Lust

I just received three very nice limited edition catalogs from Restoration Hardware: Garden, Outdoor, and Home.

I am now completely obsessed with this chair. It’s named “Versailled Domed Burlap-Backed Chair.” According to the website, “In the grand chateaux of 18th-century France, the porter, stationed by the entrance to admit visitors, would have sat in a chair much like this.” I want to sit in it and read The Marquis de Sade and eat macarons.

I promise I will try not to make a post about every single item in these catalogs.

{from Restoration Hardware}

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Weekend Things

Hello again. Hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend. Here are some things I did:

1. I went to Kitchen Arts and Letters with my mom. This amazing little book store carries new, used, rare, and out of print books about cooking, food,  and drinking. It’s a wonderfully old-school bookstore and I loved it. Go check it out on Lexington and 95th.

2. While I was at Kitchen Arts and Letters, I go this adorable little book about macarons. I have only tried to make these once with partial success, but now that I have this handbook devoted entirely to the creation and perfection of the macaron, maybe it is time to try again. The book is also available on Amazon.

3. I added two more plants to my collection: an aloe plant because my mother thinks I’ll need it when I burn myself, which I actually did last week making the gooey butter cake, so perhaps she is right; and a pretty little rose bush. Hopefully I won’t kill either of them.

4. I can’t help it; I have to admit that I am an insane Duke basketball fan and we won a national championship last night. So that was a pretty huge part of my weekend.

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