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Mad For Mad Men

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are a mere eleven days away from the Mad Men Season Four premier. Other than all the brilliant design that goes into the show, I love all the brilliant design the show inspires in other people. Like these amazing posters by Christina Perry. They combine three of my loves: pocket squares, Mad Men, and great design.

{images by Christina Perry, found via Kottke}


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Bye Bye Birdie

This is really only entertaining for Mad Men fans. It’s pretty fantastic though. It’s the cast and crew of Mad Men recording Bye Bye Birdie for the creator of the show. Highlights include Roger Sterling in a wig, Don and Betty Draper dancing like idiots (well mostly just Don looks like an idiot… a hot idiot, but an idiot), and Peggy Olson smacking gum and texting. If that last one counts as a highlight. Anyway, enjoy!

{from Gawker}

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Men in Silhouette

Karl Lagerfeld and Don Draper. Two of my favorite men in silhouette.

Special edition Coca-Cola Light bottle, as seen on NotCot, available from Colette.

No explanation necessary.

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Don, Come Join Me By The Pool

I have been re-watching the entire Mad Men series to date because I’m getting prematurely excited for season four. One of my favorite episodes is Season 2, Episode 11 where Don freaks out and goes to California and has a weird adventure with that strange group of people in the gorgeous California ranch house. I wish I could also freak out and leave New York and go to California for a few days and hide with people in stunning swimwear who drink all day and play geography games over dinner. Instead I shall have to settle for staring at vaguely vintage-looking swimsuits on the internet.

Clockwise from top left: Nearly Nautical Bikini from Anthropologie; Pindot Swimsuit from J.Crew; Revival Bikini from Anthropologie; Hayden Harnett via I Am A Greedy Girl

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