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Things Are Changing

I know I said I was back a few weeks ago and that was only half-true, but I promise I am really back now. I can’t believe that summer is half over already; in my head it’s still the beginning of June! I haven’t had that many summer adventures, but for 4th of July a few of my friends met in Boston to celebrate and were treated to one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen.

I’ve also been thinking this summer about how things are changing. It’s been a year since I graduated from college, which is weird. It used to be that any sentence starting with the phrase “a year ago…” meant that I rewound my memory to college. It’s funny to me that a year ago I was sitting in the same apartment, at the same desk. There are no more mandatory changes in life. No one is going to force me to graduate and move on. Whatever changes come are now our choices. There have been countless tiny changes over the past year, but the two biggest changes recently are:

1. A few months ago I changed jobs, which has been fantastic. Not to mention that working from home is the best.

2. I’m moving at the end of August. My fantastic current roommate is moving to Brooklyn, so I’m moving with my other fantastic friend from high school. As much as I hate the logistics of looking for apartments and dealing with brokers (are there any who aren’t complete sleaze bags???), I do love looking at different units and trying to picture my furniture in the rooms and my clothes hanging in the closet. Of course, in Manhattan I rarely see a closet that can accomodate all my clothes, but that’s a different story.

As summer winds down, expect more posts from me!


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