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PB&J Bread

Finally, here is the PB&J bread I talk about endlessly. There’s my loaf, pictured above, about to go in the oven. This bread also turned out great, which leads me to believe that Jim Lahey is a demigod. However, making this bread was a little bit more of an adventure than my first loaf. The recipe is still pretty basic in terms of ingredients, with flour, yeast, water, salt, egg, and peanut butter going into the dough. You have to wait around for another 12 hours or so until the dough gets big and gassy. Then you smush it out into a big rectangular sheet, spread jam or jelly all over it, roll it up, and pop it in a loaf pan for a quick second fermentation before you bake it. This was all very straightforward except for the part where I had to pop it in the loaf pan. I’m not sure if my dough wasn’t the right consistency or if I missed some crucial dough-handling chapter, but after I rolled up the jam in the dough, my bread-to-be looked like a giant, fat slug. I mean a HUGE slug that was extremely movement-averse. This is extra stressful because now you have all this fruit stuff inside the slug, so if you manhandle the slug into the loaf pan, it will just burst and create a big mess. I finally negotiated my slug onto a baking sheet, shoved all his lovehandles into the upside-down loaf pan, and flipped the whole contraption over. That’s why my dough is all wrinkly and ugly instead of smooth and perfect like Jim’s in his book. All this aside, the bread was still delicious. More pictures after the jump.

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Giant PB&J

A few days after I made my PB&J post I saw this wonderful contraption on Geekologie:

The Cakewich is basically a large silicon mold so that you can make slabs of cake in the shape of Wonderbread. And then make giant peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I want to try making my favorite chocolate chip banana bread in the Cakewich and then making a PB&J with it…. Yum!

{from Geekologie, available from Perpetual Kid}


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Childhood Foods, Part 1: PB&J

This is the first of what will hopefully become a series of posts. Since leaving college and living in New York and buying all my own food, I have come to gain a new appreciation for certain childhood foods. They appeal to me because they are simple, require only a few ingredients, and are delicious. However, because I am now 23 and not 7, I have also been looking for little updates to these childhood classics. I’m starting here with PB & J this week but send me an email with any ideas for other childhood faves! I’ve been deviating from the standard peanut butter and jelly in small ways: using pita bread, substituting cashew butter for peanut butter, etc. Below are some more adventurous ideas from around the internet for making over good old PB&J

1. Cashew Strawberry Crunch from Martha Stewart. This looks so delicious and refreshing! Much lighter than the original PB & J. It’s cashew butter on Ryvita Fruit Crunch, topped with fresh strawberries and drizzle of honey. Yum.

2. There are several recipes for peanut butter and jelly cupcakes around. The delicious cupcake pictured above was baked at Tee & Cakes in Boulder, CO and was featured in a post on the lovely cupcake blog Cupcakes Take The Cake. If you want to try making your own PB&J cupcakes, check out the recipes at Serious Eats, Food Network, and CD Kitchen.

3. This Raspberry Jam and Almond Crumble Tart takes the idea of PB&J to a whole new level. It originally appeared in the December 2000 issue of Gourmet and can now be found on Epicurious. It looks delicious and super sophisticated, but for me the appeal is definitely the reference (intentional or not) to the classic sandwich.

Do you have a favorite take on peanut butter and jelly? Leave it in the comments!


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