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Weekend Things

Hello again. Hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend. Here are some things I did:

1. I went to Kitchen Arts and Letters with my mom. This amazing little book store carries new, used, rare, and out of print books about cooking, food,  and drinking. It’s a wonderfully old-school bookstore and I loved it. Go check it out on Lexington and 95th.

2. While I was at Kitchen Arts and Letters, I go this adorable little book about macarons. I have only tried to make these once with partial success, but now that I have this handbook devoted entirely to the creation and perfection of the macaron, maybe it is time to try again. The book is also available on Amazon.

3. I added two more plants to my collection: an aloe plant because my mother thinks I’ll need it when I burn myself, which I actually did last week making the gooey butter cake, so perhaps she is right; and a pretty little rose bush. Hopefully I won’t kill either of them.

4. I can’t help it; I have to admit that I am an insane Duke basketball fan and we won a national championship last night. So that was a pretty huge part of my weekend.


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More Tiny Gardens

Apparently the Spring weather has everyone thinking about gardens and gardening. Over the past two days I’ve found multiple blog posts about terrariums and the like.

{Green and Glass from Black Eiffel}

{Hanging terrariums from Design Crush}

{From Gardening in Heels via Frolic}

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Indoor Gardening Update!!

Spotted: Terrarium Party on Got A Girl Crush. I’m so jealous. I must host one immediately.

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Container Gardens!!

The New York Times did this extremely pretty slideshow today about growing container gardens. I love the idea of container gardens for multiple reasons. First, I like plants, but I don’t like the things that come with plants like insects and arachnids. A container garden removes much of the ick-factor of gardening for me. Second, these gardens are ideal when you live in a small Manhattan apartment. Third, it would make me feel very adult and in control of my life to have a pretty little container garden of herbs that I use when I cook. And fourth, herbs smell good. Add the stylish coverage in the Times to these four reasons and I might just have enough motivation to start my own.

From Home & Garden in The New York Times. Also check out the related article.

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Patience with Plants

Historically, I have not been a big plant person. I do not have a particularly green thumb and as a child I hated yardwork because I was afraid of bugs. However, since moving to New York I have begun to accumulate some green things about my room. I’m assuming this is because I like to be surrounded by living things and I am not ready for a dog yet and my fish was not enough (no insult to Arthur, who is a wonderful fish). In addition to Arthur’s aquatic plants, I have two pretty spiraling bamboo shoots, a leek named Sprout, and an avocado pit sitting in a solo cup of water.

I have discovered that these plants require different levels of patience. Let me elborate:

1. Bamboo Bamboo shoots are ideal for people like me who have negative patience. You can stick them almost anywhere and they will grow. I even broke one of my shoots a few months ago and thought it was dead, but then it sprouted a new stalk and started growing again. You can be irresponsible, lazy, and impatient, and these puppies will always be there for you.

2. Sprout My roommate’s lovely girlfriend told me that if you save the root end of a leek after you chop it up to eat, you can grow a leek plant from it. I love eating leeks, so I immediately obtained a leek, ate it, and then eagerly soaked the stump in a little dish of water. As it turns out, leeks are almost as good for patience-less people as bamboo. My leek stump sprouted roots in less than a day (hence his name: Sprout) and grows extremely quickly. Once I thought his roots looked good enough, I put him in a pretty yellow pot with some soil and placed him in my window. Sprout is now about 15 inches tall and still growing. He’s a lot skinnier than the leeks you see in stores, but it is still a very satisfying plant to grow in a just a few weeks. I’m vaguely concerned that Sprout will get too big for his pot soon and I’ll have to replant him and accidentally kill him, but I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

3. Ugly Avocado Pit I hate this plant project. This project is taking every ounce of patience I have. This lovely WikiHow article clearly explains how to turn the middle of my favorite fruit into a big tree that will eventually give me more of my favorite fruit. However, it’s been over a week and I have barely seen any change. There are two small cracks in the side of my pit, but that’s it. I realize that many plants require large amounts of patience, and that it takes “2-3 weeks” before my pit will (hopefully) burst open into a sprout and roots. But the suspense is killing me.

Moral of the story: patience supposedly pays off, so I hope that my patience with the ugly avocado will pay off. In the mean time, I think I want a dog.

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