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Making soft cheeses at home

I’m sorry if this is not progressive or modern of me, but achieving certain levels of domestic accomplishment fills me with an inexplicable glow of happiness. Like when my chocolate chip banana bread rises perfectly or when I do an especially thorough job of cleaning the bathroom or when my roommate and I host a successful party.

So since I also love food, I have been extremely intrigued by recent mentions of making one’s own cheese. My friend Erica’s blog, Cheese: A Journey, just posted about making mozzarella, and the other day I saw instructions for making ricotta in Details. Making my own cheese seems like one of those vaguely domestic projects that I would like to tackle. I love all things cheese and I can only imagine it’s more delicious if you make it yourself. Although I have no desire to be a professional housewife, I would like to spend a Sunday folding laundry, re-potting my indoor herb garden, and vacuuming the apartment before tearing into an insalata caprese made with tomatoes I picked up that morning from the farmer’s market, basil from my windowsill, and mozzarella I made myself.


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