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Spring Meals

Mark Bittman posted a lovely piece this morning about the first meal of spring. His includes sauted leeks and asparagus and baked salmon. Reading his post made me hungry, like just about anything else I read about yummy food, and being hungry made me think about how excited I am for my lunch:

I made a delicious salad with spinach, goat cheese, cucumber, apple (Pink Ladies, of course), and dried cranberries, topped with olive oil and sprinkling of sea salt. I can’t wait to eat it! What are your favorite spring foods and meals?


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Weekend Things

Here are some things about my weekend, ish.

1. Last Thursday morning I went to a little farmer’s market down at Bowling Green before work. There were only a few stands, but they all had lovely things and it was overall a very refreshing way to start my day. More pictures of this after the jump.

2. I finally finished my spring garland project. My roommate and I put up Christmas decorations right after Thanksgiving and I only just got around to taking down the Christmas garland and replacing it with something else. Close up pictures after the jump.

3. We threw a party Saturday night that included, among other things, this inflatable palm tree.

4. Today was gorgeous and I spent several hours basking in the sun on my roof. Sometimes just looking at Manhattan from my roof on a beautiful, clear, Spring day makes me fall in love with the city all over again.

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Courtney, of Girl Loves Honey, and I are going to a Martha Stewart event tonight for her new book. I’m very excited about this and in the spirit of the event, I have been thinking about crafts a lot this morning. I have been holding on to this post from Design Crush for a while. I just think the flowers are so cute! The red paper in the white vase look very pretty for winter; they make me think that it’s snowing outside and there’s a stew simmering on the stove and I have a large mug of hot mulled cider. I want to try it with different pastel colors for spring that will make me think of blue skies, freshly mowed grass, bustling farmers’ markets, and outdoor Sunday brunches.

From Design Crush. Original post from Creature Comforts.

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