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Two Bicerin, Per Favore

I am going to be traipsing around southern France and northern Italy for the first two weeks of June, so I was happy to see this post in the T Magazine blog today about Turin’s special version of a cappuccino: the bicerin. The Times says:

“The drink comes in a stemmed glass and is a precise layering of fine espresso, melted chocolate and rich steamed milk. Its sweeter, more youthful counterpart, the house’s caffè Baratti e Milano, is espresso prepared with whipped cream, chopped hazelnuts and gianduja, an indigenous chemistry of chocolate and hazelnuts that could outshine poor old Nutella on any sunny Turinese afternoon.”

Sounds pretty great, right? I’ve already made a note to stop by Baratti & Milano when I’m in Turin and I will be sure to order one of these! Let me know if you have other suggestions for what I should do around Vence, France, Monaco, Lago di Como, or Milan!

{from T Magazine}


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Wednesday Food Links

1. If Keith McNally is Eeyore, then which restaurateur is Winnie-the-Pooh? Build the entire A.A. Milne cast out of restaurant industry personalities on Diner’s Journal. {from The New York Times}

2. Slate is having a conducting an experiment to test whether traditional food magazines or new crowd-sourced food websites provide better recipes. Cook’s Illustrated will represent the magazine side while food52 will represent the crowd-sourced side. Slate invites its readers to test a pork shoulder recipe and a sugar cookie recipe from each resource. It seems kind of funny to me that Slate is crowd-sourcing this experiment themselves and I wonder if there will be control variables to account for this. I’m guessing there won’t be. {from Slate}

3. Edward Schneider posted in Diner’s Journal about these sardines he and his wife found in Paris that were packaged in butter instead of oil. I love anything drenched in butter, so of course I want to try them but sadly Edward says they are difficult to find here (for example, they aren’t on amazon.com). A lot of readers responded that they heat up oil-packed sardines the same way he prepared the butter-packed sardines, but of course I want the butter version. I could just heat up some American sardines with a stick of butter and see what happens, but I want the sardine-infused butter situation Edward describes in his column. {from The New York Times}

4. Recipe Look is an amazing food blog with hand-illustrated recipes. I want every one of those printed on a tea towel or canvas grocery tote. {image from RecipeLook, via NotCot}

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Wednesday Food Links

1. I am very excited about Food Network’s newest venture: The Cooking Channel. It’s supposed to be “edgier” and “grittier” than Food Network and will feature shows about things like nutrition and foodie culture as well as cooking shows (so why is it called The Cooking Channel?). Read about it in the NYT or New York Magazine.

2. My hometown, Durham, was featured in the Dining & Wine section of the Times today. I spend a lot of time hating on Durham, but sometimes it can bee cool too. I’m going home this weekend, so this definitely made me excited to eat there.

3. I saw Time Out New York’s review of Pies ‘n’ Thighs and it made my mouth water. I think I’ve said this before, but I am continuously searching for good Southern food in New York. I might have to venture across the water to check this out. If the picture above doesn’t make your mouth water there’s something wrong with you.

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This would be ideal

I love the T Magazine blogs. They constantly show me interesting new things. For example, Alexandra Marshall’s post yesterday showed me my newest fantasy over which I shall obsess for the next two weeks: I want to move to Paris and open a cupcake bakery.

I am not a big Paris person. I know lots of people who are in varying degrees of love with Paris, but I have always been a London girl myself. My dad is British and I’ve lived in London and I just think it’s the bee’s knees and I have British citizenship and therefore I have an appropriate amount of stubborn disdain for anything French. I’ve been to Paris several times and I can understand the appeal. After all, fashion, art, food, and wine are four of my favorite things and Paris knows how to do all of those things extremely well. I’ve just never really clicked with La Ville-Lumière the way that I have with London and New York.

However, over the past year or so I’ve decided that I need to give Paris another chance. I don’t know if I’ve watched Ratatouille too many times or if Julia Child has brainwashed me or if my desire to read Proust in the original French is actually driving me insane, but I have an overwhelming conviction that I need to spend more time in Paris. And now, on top of all that, I find out that cupcake shops are a rising trend in Paris! If I were braver and more impulsive and had tons of money stashed away I’d be jetting across the Atlantic right now, furiously studying cupcake recipes, Parisian real estate trends, and French verb conjugations. Unfortunately that’s not the case, so I shall have to read about it in the Times instead.

{read Paris Sweets on the T Magazine Blog}

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A week in the life of a NYT food critic

Sam Sifton documented everything he ate (and its caloric value… something I never want to do) for a week and posted it in Diner’s Journal. I realize that not everyone is as obsessed with NYT food critics and their lifestyles as I am, but I found the list pretty interesting. Plus it’s accompanied by cute illustrations by Kate Wilson. Now I’m hungry.

{from NYT}

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Random Links

1. I really, really hate dealing with dirty champagne flutes, so these wine glass sponges seem like they would come in very handy. {from NotCot, available at The Spoon Sisters}

2. I love traveling and I love various travel accessories, including chic travel wallets. I picture myself waltzing through airports or, even better, train stations with an elegant leather duffel slug casually over my arm, sunglasses on, trench coat collar popped, and all my travel documents and currencies neatly organized. I especially love this travel wallet because it has room for two spare sim cards, suggesting a particularly international and cosmopolitan lifestyle. {from NotCot, available from Gus}

3. Interesting piece from The New York Times on the reinvention of airplane food. {from NYT}

4. I saw The Redhead mentioned on Nora Leah’s blog and it reminded me how much I want to go there. I’m always on the hunt for delicious southern comfort food in New York. {from Thought for Food}

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Wednesday Food Links

1. Baked chocolate cheesecake with hazelnut ganache from Gourmet Worrier.

2. China farmer’s market baskets from Design Crush.

3. Food photography obsession in The New York Times.

4. The Whole Beast: Eating nose to tail by Fergus Henderson from Uncrate.

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