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An Experiment in Exercise

The West Side Highway doesn’t look quite like that anymore, but it does have a lovely running/bike path. Since the weather started getting warmer I’ve been going for runs on the weekend. It’s fantastic: running outside, the view across the water even if it is Hoboken, watching the ebb and flow of the Manhattan neighborhoods. I love it. Seeing as I work a block and a half away from the highway, I figured I would try running home from work. Today was my first day and I LOVED it. I love that I’m commuting and working out at the same time and that I get to watch the sun set over the water. I love that I don’t have to go underground when the weather is so gorgeous. I love being able to get home and laze around on the couch instead of having to motivate myself to go be a slave to a gym machine for an hour. My goal is to run to and from work every day. If you live in New York, particularly on the west side, and haven’t checked out the running path yet, I strongly recommend it.


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