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Well, Crap

– G. Stein in E. Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast

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Don, Come Join Me By The Pool

I have been re-watching the entire Mad Men series to date because I’m getting prematurely excited for season four. One of my favorite episodes is Season 2, Episode 11 where Don freaks out and goes to California and has a weird adventure with that strange group of people in the gorgeous California ranch house. I wish I could also freak out and leave New York and go to California for a few days and hide with people in stunning swimwear who drink all day and play geography games over dinner. Instead I shall have to settle for staring at vaguely vintage-looking swimsuits on the internet.

Clockwise from top left: Nearly Nautical Bikini from Anthropologie; Pindot Swimsuit from J.Crew; Revival Bikini from Anthropologie; Hayden Harnett via I Am A Greedy Girl

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New York City Polaroid Project

I love New York and I love Polaroids. This is exactly what it sounds like: some guy took a bunch of pictures of New York. Go look: NYCPP.

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Bornay Flowers

I can’t help it. I love flowers. They remind me of daffodils from my childhood backyard and Saturday markets in small towns  in Italy and extravagant displays at Harrod’s in London. Good thing I have  Bornay, a gorgeous flower blog, to tide me over until I am wealthy enough to have a constant stream of fresh flowers decorating my apartment.

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Things I found on the internet today

Random links from today because I am lazy:

1. A perfect skirt. {from Frolic}

2. A totem of bowls disguised as a vase {from Design Crush}

3. If fonts were dogs {from Beautiful Decay}

4. Wet bugs (cooler than it sounds, I promise) {from The Daily Mail}

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Indoor Gardening Update!!

Spotted: Terrarium Party on Got A Girl Crush. I’m so jealous. I must host one immediately.

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Stuffed Artichoke Fantasy

It occurs to me that I have not yet posted about food today, which seems rather blasphemous. So now I shall write about my longing for stuffed artichokes.

When I was a child, this was one of my favorite dinners. This might have been partially because it didn’t involve making a mess on the stove and therefore that I didn’t have to clean the stove after dinner, but that is an irrelevant detail. I also liked stuffed artichokes because they were extremely tasty and you could stuff them in your mouth with your hands (I am going to propose a theory that almost all truly delicious foods elicit a desire to be eaten with one’s hands). I loved peeling off the leaves one by one, sucking the stuffing off them, and depositing them in the brown paper lunch bags my mother provided. Yum.

Artichokes are back in season now and I keep seeing gorgeous ones at the grocery down the street from me. Today seems like a perfect day for them too; it’s chilly and damp and I’m longing for a dinner that comes out of an oven. I’m also apparently much more eager to spend my evening cooking food and eating it than going to the gym, which happens a lot. I’ve been looking up recipes in case I decide that rain means that I cannot, in fact, go to the gym (in my building) and need to spend the night puttering about my kitchen instead. See the Saveur recipe, Martha Stewart’s recipe, and the New York Times recipe.

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